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The lore of EchoFire (An Undertale AU)

Frisk lives in a small town in Texas and she runs away from home to explore the world. In this AU she is older (well depending on how old you see her/him, to me frisk is female and 18 years)) and she falls down the mountain. This time Fisk and Chara are best friends and are alive! Chara hits her head while falling and is seriously injured, but luckily Tori has seen them and helps them. Asriel is a flower but at least the king and queen are together still. Gaster is the second monster you interact with in the underground, he leads you to his two sons, but hey cannot see him. Sans approaches you and asks you some stuff. Neutral - Uh.. Hey kiddo. Who are you? Genocide - You really thing your that tough? Pacifist - Goat... In pacifist and Neutral he takes you to the hot lands. In genocide he fights you but is a bit stronger than the normal Sans. He is taken down within two hits. And you go to Snowdin You move on to Snowdin / hot lands and it's quiet. In Pacifist/neutral Sans goes into a elevator and you follow. You enter a huge lab to learn Sans, Alphys and Papyrus are working on a project. In Genocide you overhear some monsters talking about sans' and Papyrus' project. You move on to the waterfall. Neutral and Pacifist you run away to the water fall to see what it's like in person. Neutral, Pacifist, and Genocide your story continues on your own actions.

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